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Welcome to the Speed Scene Product Review page.

Check out all these product reviews done by the hardcore racers at Speed Scene Live. The products better work, because we are going to tell you the real truth. We are racers, and actually use the products so we can give you the real story. Whether its a safety item, or just something cool that makes your life easier, trust the Speed Scene Live crew to give you the real story on each and every product featured here.

Product Description
Hasport Motor Mounts
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We put a K motor in our project CRX using Hasport Motor Mounts. Take a detailed look on how the Hasport mounts work. You can get the mounts at www.Hasport.com.
Hutchens Device
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The Hutchens II is a head and neck restraint solution that is engineered for all types of motorsports applications and is now certified to the stringent SFI 38.1 specification. It uses the latest technology in carbon fiber & Kevlar strapping to combine the benefits of both restraint styles.









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