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1991 Honda CRX with a K20 motor

Welcome to the story of the Speed Scene Live project car. We are building an all motor drag car to compete in NHRA, NOPI, BOTI, and other events. If you have always wanted to build your own car, follow along with us as we put one together.

Our base vehicle is a 1991 Honda CRX. We have completely stripped the car down to the bare body and had a chromoly cage installed by Marty Staggs of Staggs Racing in Rancho Cucamonga. The cage was certified by NHRA to be able to run as fast as 7 seconds in the quarter mile. We also had a fiberglass front end, doors, and rear hatch installed by Scott Monks at Monks Welding in Glendora. Scott also did the aluminum dash and door panels as well as much of the fab work on the car.

We have now got a K20 motor for the car with the help of K20a.org. The web site at www.k20a.org was very helpful and is the leading source for all K20 motor technology. We will get into the K stuff later and let you know about the motor build-up and how much power we can get, but first we will put a bone stock K20 motor in so we can compare. All of the tranny work on the CRX is being handled by the west coast's leading transmission company, Gear-Speed! Sport Compact racing is very demanding on transmissions and Gear-Speed knows how to make that tranny go faster and last longer.

The car is getting ready for new lexan windows and a paint job by master painter Bob Godfrey. So stay tuned and check in later for additional pictures and updates on the Speed Scene Live project car. Sure, it doesn't look like much now, but just wait until it starts coming together!

August 2005

1991 Honda CRX with a K20 motor, fiberglass front end, doors, and hatch. NHRA Certified cage by Marty Staggs good down to 7 seconds. All other fab work done by Monks Welding.
1991 Honda CRX with a K20 motor
Additional support provided by Web Cam Camshafts, and Evolution Industries makers of high quality cam gears, clutch / flywheels, axles, dampers, and more. Additional support provided by Web Cam Camshafts & Evolution industries
The Speed Scene Honda CRX All Motor car also uses only M and H Tires for the best in traction and dependability. M & H tires
September 2005

In order to improve braking, reduce weight, and get more room in the engine compartment, The Speed Scene has installed a Master Brake Cylinder from Kens Kustom Chassis. Kens has this available for sport compact cars. Go to www.KensKustomChassis.com for more info.
Master Brake Cylinder
Master Brake Cylinder
Master Brake Cylinder
July 2006

For the highest quality in bulletproof transmissions, Speed Scene Live uses only GearSpeed transmissions in the Sport Compact cars. GearSpeed is the best for Honda and Acura transmissions. They can build a transmission that can handle any level of power. This is the company that has helped All Motor Champion Jeremy Lookofsky and others win races. When Honda wants a transmission rebuilt, they go to Gear Speed, shouldn't you? No compromise, No excuses, visit GearSpeed at www.GearSpeedInc.com.
GearSpeed Transmission
GearSpeed Transmission
GearSpeed Transmission
GearSpeed Transmission
We are installing a product from Evolution Industries called a power steering and air conditioning delete kit. What this does is it eliminates the p/s and a/c and free's up more power. It also includes a new pulley for the alternator and allows you to use the stock belt. A low cost and smart way to get rid of power robbing accessories and yet still use the stock belt. www.EvoindUSA.com Power Steering & Air Conditioning Delete Kit
Here is one of the K24 motors that we will install in the car. This is a stock motor that we will put in while we are building the other motor. The K20 and K24 motors are the hottest motors around and we can't wait to get started on a motor build. K24 motor
K24 motor
December 2006

Speed Scene Live continues our tradition of high quality parts with the addition of Hasport Motor Mounts. Hasport is the leader in the industry and their products reflect the dedication to quality. We installed these mounts in our car in one afternoon. Finally, the car has the big K motor between the frame rails. Visit them at www.hasport.com.
Hasport motor mounts
Hasport motor mounts
Hasport motor mounts
The CRX looks great with that big motor and Gear Speed trans in it. K24 motor
K24 motor
Although the mounts worked perfectly and the motor and trans went in without any trouble, the big K24 motor did need some hood clearance. We cut a hole in the hood, and we will probably put a cowl induction scoop on top to finish it off. Clearance for K24 motor
Clearance for K24 motor
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