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Scott Lucky Hudson is a Drag Racer. Drag Racing is in his blood. A perfect day for Lucky involves a track, a fast car, and a sticky track. 66 Nova Why do his friends call him Lucky? The nickname started when he won two track championships, but it really can be traced back to his love of the sport of Drag Racing. Scott considers himself to be "Lucky" to be able to spend so much time with the wonderful people that are involved in Drag Racing. He can be found racing at every track imaginable, including Barona, LACR, Fontana California Dragway, Irwindale, SIR Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Sacramento, and Sonoma Infinion racetrack. His 9 second 1966 Chevy Nova is sponsored by Currie racing rearends, Evolution Industries Honda Sport Compact Dealers Tire & Wheel, and others. He races in the National Hot Rod Association and Super Gas index racing with the electronics in the car. Lucky removes the electronics and runs vintage VRA nostalgia racing. He puts them back in and competes in local brackets, Super Chevy, Summit ET, and others. He is also involved in Sport Compact and has raced at Battle of the Imports and local events in a front wheel drive Honda.

Staging Steve Letempt Staging Steve Letempt is featured every week with his Straight lining with Stevie He covers IHRA and all of the best East coast events. Bracket or heads up, Steve can be found covering the best events, and bringing them to life on Speed Scene Live. If Staging Steve is there, you know it's great Drag Racing!

Tune in to The Speed Scene the first Tuesday night of every month to listen to Leslie Durst Drag Racing star, Leslie Durst, with the Sport Compact Review. Leslie is the first NHRA All Motor Honda in the nines, and she always has a great show. Some of the racing celebrities she has had on the show include, Ron Lummus, Steve Bothwell, Ara Arslanian, Stephan Papadakis, Ron and Ed Bergenholtz, and Lisa Kubo.

Another racer representing the women in Drag Racing is Diana, Diana known on the show as Diana-Mite. She races a low ten second Chevy Nova sponsored by Currie Racing Rearends and Dealers Tire & Wheel. She is a Goodguys champion and competes in Super Street, Summit ET, Super Chevy, and local Brackets. Diana knows how to drive a fast car and how to keep conversation on The Speed Scene fun and Informative.

With credentials like this, it's no wonder that The Speed Scene is in touch with Drag Racing of all kinds. Tune in every Tuesday night for the live show, or check out the Archives section anytime to stay in touch with The Speed Scene.

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